Professional Work


I loved working at Sony Santa Monica Studios, learning from the talented and humble people who made God of War!

Systems Design Intern

  • Implemented gameplay modules used in actual levels.

  • Implemented quests for internal playtesting.

  • Pitched ideas, approved for production.

  • Converted scripts from LUA to Visual Scripting.

Summer 2019

Recent Work


Explore fears by diving into people’s psyche.

Learned how to pitch a game in 3 minutes to industry experts. After two rounds, Dreamwalker has successfully been greenlit. Currently working on this Capstone project!


  • Greenlit out of 24 solo pitches.

  • Guided overall creative direction.

#design #code


Transverse through a beautiful origami world a friend.

I learned about the animation pipeline and the struggles of getting Unity's physics engine to feel right!

  • Stop motion animation.

  • Co-designed visuals and game.

  • Scripted player, physics and collision.

#design #code #animation


I am extremely fascinated by the possibilities of procedural generation! This is just one of my many experiments!

  • Scripted cellular automata procedural map generator.

  • Scripted dynamic runtime navigation meshes.

  • Designed and scripted multiple creep waves.

#design #code


Relax in a soothing world of rainbow.


Even though I'm not a programmer, I wanted to learn how emulate physic forces using vector math. This is the first of many learning experiments on procedural generation.

  • Designed and implemented everything.

  • Programmed physics without a game engine.

#design #code #physics


Survive the brutal cat modeling industry. Made in 100h for ExtraCredits Game Jam 2019.

I love Game Jams because it really pushes me to scope well! Feature creep anyone? I love entering the hyper focus flow state and the challenge of a tight time frame.

  • Lead a team of four

  • Guided overall creative direction.

  • Designed UI, art.

#design #code #UI


A hilarious "Machocore" game.

I wanted to see how far I could influence the player's actions by designing affordances.

  • Scripted the mines, damage, heal and respawn.

  • Designed forest levels.

  • Designed cut scene, dialouge.

#design #code #level

Meow Brawler

Spectators have as much fun as players!

I learned how to resolve 'floaty' jumps and the importance of legibility.

  • Scripted custom jump gravity.

  • Designed level.

Moving Forward


Fishy Signals


Cube Dodge




Other Professional Work

Path of Exile

Product Manager

  • Designed progression milestones for race events.

  • Designed promotions.

Mstar Online

2D Art

Product Manager

  • Designed in-game events, reward mechanisms.

  • Designed and balanced loot drops.

  • Designed tournament system.