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Joey Vergara - Design, Code

Eunice Lim - Design, Art, Additional Code


  • Designed rock level and UI

  • Scripted the Morse code input reader, parsing and display in C#

  • Created Voxel art assets

  • Created game design documents

Game Jam:
Fishy Signals

Play as a heart broken fish out for revenge, using Morse code to crash ships!

Created in 2 days using Unity for the 1-button game jam 2018.

This is second Game jam and one of my first few games! Considering that my first game jam never went beyond brainstorming, this was really amazing!

I wanted to experience a full development cycle. I'm amazed at how much could be done in such a short while!


Unity, C#


Music by alphatone
Background generated from

Early Level design.png
2nd level design.png
final level design.png


Originally, players had to time their Morse code just right to get boats on the right to turn and crash into the rocks. However, we realized randomizing rock placements every few seconds made it more luck than skill.

With Joey's designer-friendly variables, I removed the luck-based aiming mechanic by making one huge rock and increasing boat speed. With guaranteed collision, the game's goal changed from "Morse at the right time to turn boats" to "Morse fast".

I designed a final level with boats on both the left and right, forcing players to observe more of the screen. Joey also doubled the ships spawned for double the fun!

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