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Mstar Online:
Mission & Event Design

Worked with developer NetMarble, and various entertainment agencies to localize Mstar Online in Singapore and Malaysia.

The SAM server has merged with the Taiwan server.

GENRE: K-pop, music game
PLATFORM: PC, online


Garena Pte Ltd


Product Manager​


I was responsible for live operations. Most of my time went to designing live events and coordinating teams to implement these updates in biweekly patches. I brought 4 major patches to the game.

I really enjoyed my time working on Mstar Online. It was a lot of work to bring the game up to date and iron out all the kinks, but it was worth all the effort to make my players happy.


Loot-drop event

Goal: increase active players, PCU



I first classified the 3000 items using the following traits

  • utility vs. cosmetic

  • useful for early progression vs. late game

  • expected impact on virtual economy's balance

To ensure that the prizes catered to a variety of players, I also identified player profiles

  • Players who liked the pet system

  • Players who liked the housing system

  • Players who liked the dress-up system

  • Players who wanted higher stats

With this loot box prize variety, I wanted to introduce and entice players who weren't using some of the other systems to try them out.


Unfortunately, some players would play solo in locked rooms to farm these boxes. Although PCU and active users increased, I did not achieve my secondary goal of social interaction.


Following this, I designed other events to be more socially inclusive such as BINGO and KING OF KINGS:

Examples of events I designed

Bingo Event

I designed a BINGO styled event for players. I designed tasks to cover different features of the game, giving players freedom and also encouraging players to try out other parts of the game.


I designed and implemented a double-elimination style online tournament. Although Mstar Online is positioned as a largely casual game in other servers, the game mechanics are skill required competitive game. I built a competitive niche, recognizing and rewarding skilled players. The event did so well, it became a seasonal tournament.


I wanted to give users back more value than they spent using coupons. Coupons also allow players to try out a whole new outfit, which may convert to sales.

Garena Carnival 2015
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