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Yupeng Li, Hsi Lin, Eunice Lim


  • Designed the forest level's mine encounters, obstacle and wood placements.

  • Scripted the logic behind the mine explosions, damage, heal, loot and respawn.

  • Designed the dog cut scene and animal dialogue.

  • Created game design documents.

  • Created playtest note taking template.

Little Red Riding Hood

Play as little red riding hood who has to get food to her grandma. Masochistic game with another sadistic narrative twist - Grandma lives in the same house.

The game was designed to make the player assume they have to cross the masochistic, frustrating, mine-filled forest.


Twist: Grandma lives in the same house.

(watch the video from 00:29)


RPG Maker

(credits for sprites, animation, sound etc.)



No Affordances: Players have to memorize mine locations.

A) Foreshadowing: Players can see a little of path to the right.

B) More wood at the beginning: start is relatively easier.

C) Rocks side by side (x2): It can't be the center path.. can it?

D) Your grave: Foreshadowing your death. The 'exit' is a fake mine-filled dead end.

E) Less obvious path below the Pond: Designed intentionally so that the south of the pond doesn't look cross-able.

F) Bridges: 50% chance

G) Exit: Last boss meant to kill most players at least once. There's a mine in front of one of the exit squares.



Still no affordances.

Much harder than Forest 1 because the twist is in the way the mines are scripted.

  • Player gets bombed EVERY 7 STEP!

  • Only 1 path,

Design challenge here is not to have players give up because they feel too frustrated by seemingly inconsistent rule.

Design goals:

  • Player to realize the bombing logic has changed.

  • Player to talk to animals, which will give them clues.

  • Player cannot clear the map without getting bombed.

Unfortunately, it was too abstract and players were unable to figure out the underlying systems and usually ended up getting through by random luck. What the team thought were "very obvious hints" were often too subtle.

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