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About Me

I'm a lover of game design and math with a focus on systems and spreadsheets.

Currently enrolled in UCSC Game Masters with 1.5 years of experience in online free-to-play PC games, and soon to be a Systems Designer intern with Sony Santa Monica Studios.

I will be glad to geek out on expected values, balancing loops, AI, vectors, macroeconomics, most things really! I'm always excited to learn.

Professional Work

Path of Exile

Mstar Online


Product Manager

  • Designed progression milestones for race events

  • Designed promotions

Product Manager

  • Designed in-game events, reward mechanisms

  • Designed and balanced loot drops

  • Designed tournament system




Survive the cat modeling industry. Made in 100h for ExtraCredits Game Jam 2019. Expressing the brutal reality of the modeling industry.

  • Lead a team of four.

  • Guided overall creative direction.

  • Designed debt system, event system and UI.


Transverse through a beautiful origami world with your friend. Work together and help each other to overcome various challenges.

  • Co-designed overall game and visuals.

  • Scripted player, physics and collision.

Rainbow Dreams


Relax in a soothing world of rainbow. Even though I'm not a programmer, I wanted to learn how vector math and physics systems work to better understand game engine.

  • Designed interactive particle systems.

  • Programmed particles without a game engine.

  • Designed different vector acceleration formulas.

Little Red Riding Hood


A hilarious "Machocore" game where your legs get blown off.

  • Scripted the mines, damage, heal and respawn.

  • Designed forest levels, heal system.

Fishy Signals


Made in 1 day for One Button Game Jam 2018.

  • Designed UI and rocks.

  • Scripted Morse code parsing in C#.

  • Created Voxel art assets.

DJ Visualizer

Be a DJ! Different keys play different EDM sounds! One of my first solo projects, in this I focused on learning sound design.

  • Designed procedurally generated visuals.

  • Scripted ADSR sound envelopes.

  • Programmed using the Minim library.


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