About Me

I'm a lover of game design and math with a focus on systems and spreadsheets.

Currently enrolled in UCSC Game Masters with 1.5 years of experience in online free-to-play PC games, and soon to be a Systems Designer intern with Sony Santa Monica Studios.

I will be glad to geek out on expected values, balancing loops, AI, vectors, macroeconomics, most things really! I'm always excited to learn.

Professional Work

Path of Exile

Product Manager

  • Designed progression milestones for race events

  • Designed promotions

Mstar Online

Product Manager

  • Designed in-game events, reward mechanisms

  • Designed and balanced loot drops

  • Designed tournament system

Game Jams



Survive the cat modeling industry. Made in 100h for ExtraCredits Game Jam 2019.

  • Lead a team of four.

  • Guided overall creative direction.

  • Designed debt system, event system and UI.

Trying to express the brutal reality of the modeling industry.

Fishy Signals


Made in 1 day for One Button Game Jam 2018.

  • Designed UI and rocks.

  • Scripted Morse code parsing in C#.

  • Created Voxel art assets.

Rainbow Dreams


Relax in a soothing world of rainbow. Even though I'm not a programmer, I wanted to learn how vector math and physics systems work to better understand game engine.

  • Designed interactive particle systems.

  • Programmed particles without a game engine.

  • Designed different vector acceleration formulas.

Little Red Riding Hood


A hilarious "Machocore" game where your legs get blown off.

  • Scripted the mines, damage, heal and respawn.

  • Designed forest levels, heal system.


DJ Visualizer

Be a DJ! Different keys play different EDM sounds! One of my first solo projects, in this I focused on learning sound design.

  • Designed procedurally generated visuals.

  • Scripted ADSR sound envelopes.

  • Programmed using the Minim library.