Professional Work


I loved working at Sony Santa Monica Studios, learning from the talented and humble people who made God of War!

Systems Design Intern

  • Implemented gameplay modules used in actual levels.

  • Implemented quests for internal playtesting.

  • Pitched ideas, approved for production.

  • Converted scripts from LUA to Visual Scripting.

Summer 2019

Recent Work


Explore fears by diving into people’s psyche. Protect children from their nightmares, based on true stories.

Alpha releasing on the Andriod store on 17 Jan 2020!

  • Guided overall creative direction.

  • Co-designed and scripted gameplay levels.

#design #code


Transverse through a beautiful origami world a friend.

I learned about the animation pipeline and the struggles of getting Unity's physics engine to feel right!

  • Stop motion animation.

  • Co-designed visuals and game.

  • Scripted player, physics and collision.

#design #code #animation


I am extremely fascinated by the possibilities of procedural generation! This is just one of my many experiments!

  • Scripted cellular automata procedural map generator.

  • Scripted dynamic runtime navigation meshes.

  • Designed and scripted multiple creep waves.

#design #code


Relax in a soothing world of rainbow.


Even though I'm not a programmer, I wanted to learn how emulate physic forces using vector math. This is the first of many learning experiments on procedural generation.

  • Designed and implemented everything.

  • Programmed physics without a game engine.

#design #code #physics


Survive the brutal cat modeling industry. Made in 100h for ExtraCredits Game Jam 2019.

I love Game Jams because it really pushes me to scope well! Feature creep anyone? I love entering the hyper focus flow state and the challenge of a tight time frame.

  • Lead a team of four

  • Guided overall creative direction.

  • Designed UI, art, economy and debt system.

#design #code #UI

Other Professional Work

Path of Exile

Product Manager

  • Designed progression milestones for race events.

  • Designed promotions.

Mstar Online

Product Manager

  • Designed in-game events, reward mechanisms.

  • Designed and balanced loot drops.

  • Designed tournament system.

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