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Cube Dodge


I designed the blocks to seem like the path is totally blocked and evoke an initial "THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!" reaction. (Code credit to Brackkeys)

  • Level design

Mod: Dominion


A faster-pasted and more aggressive Dominion.

  • Added a heal phase to the core mechanic.

  • Balanced damage systems.


Our entire idea rested on fact that the player would voluntarily NOT explore the rest of the house at the start of the game, This was our biggest challenge because most players wanted to explore the area before leaving, especially in an RPG type game like ours.

What we tried:

  • Have the mom tell the player to go to the forest

  • Create more rooms

  • Place the door out of sight

Nothing worked. Some other ideas were to make the front door disappear or to lock it. However, we decided against it because the whole trick rested on the player voluntarily not exploring the house even though they could.

Finally, I suggested adding a cut scene where your pet dog runs out of the house into the forest. I was inspired by Gameboy Pokemon Yellow's cut scenes. The run away dog did the trick, players felt a greater sense of urgency and ran straight into the forest.

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